Installment Channels

– Bank

– Processor

– Payment Channel Referrer


Payhighrisk helps shippers connect with different banks around the globe. This further opens the gates to various customers as the customers can make payments irrespective of their bank and location.


If you have any other vendor account arrangement besides the existing one that you wish to promote. Payhighrisk provides you with a platform that will help you grow and promote your vendor arrangement by reaping the benefits of our numerous shippers who visit our sites.

Installment Channel Referrer

Associating with Payhighrisk, leaves you with an assurance that all the monetary transaction between customer and vendors function in a smooth and effective manner. This leaves you with a huge bankable profit. What about the profit earned? Are you making the most of your profit by saving?

Profit utilization is one of the most important factors for the growth and expansion of any business, which sadly most organization tend to ignore. The money saved from profits is equivalent to money earned.

Payhighrisk helps you build a money savings structure, once you have set us with your bank. We help you gain repeating referral expenses for each exchange through the bank you alluded. You can keep a track of all the work with the help of a passage access will be given to you.