CashTicket, United Kingdom

Cash Ticket was founded by Prepaid Services Company Ltd in London. Cash Ticket is a prepaid voucher that enables customers to buy tickets online, purchase ticket orders and also allows them to carry out web based shopping. What makes Cash Ticket special is the fact that it enables customers to carry out transactions without providing individual bank subtle elements. It is a quick, safe and secure strategy for web shopping.


Wallie- Card is a prepaid payment card that helps you make payments online for games, social communities, video downloads, etc.
Wallie- Card holders can make payments while remaining anonymous. They do not have to provide details with respect to their personal or financial information. Wallie- Card was established in September 2003, in Netherlands. Its headquarters are located in The Hague.

Moneybookers, United Kingdom

Moneybookers is an electronic cash guarantor that has been approved by UK and EU law. It is entirely managed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK. It enables clients to exchange, get and hold finances in over 30 monetary standards worldwide. It also offers nearby installments in 40+ nations. It is an extremely safe mode of payment as the framework demands personal confirmation which helps prevent misinterpretation and illegal tax.


PaySafeCard is a pre pay electronic installment framework that enables customers to carry out web based transactions effectively and efficiently. PaySafeCards are sold as e vouchers around the globe, which deals with more than 280,000 terminals and over 3500 Webshops.


Ukash is an electronic money system. It was founded in the year 2005 in London, United Kingdom. Ukash enables its customers to exchange their cash for a secure code to make payments online. The code also helps them load cards and transfer money. It is the biggest worldwide prepaid trade gathering system with 320,000 physical issuing forces in 27 nations around the world.


Alipay is China’s leading third party mobile and online payment solution. It was founded by Jack Ma (The Founder of Alibaba Group) in February 2004. Alipay is associated with almost every single bank in China and more over 40 international banks apart from China. Alipay owns 54% share of China’s US$5.5 trillion mobile payment market.

China Population: 1,338,612,968

China Users: 420,000,000

cashU, United Arab Emirates

Cashu is a prepaid online and mobile payment framework. It largely operates from Middle East and Africa. Considering the limited access to credit card, CashU is one of the most used alternate payment options for people. CashU is largely utilized by online gamers, e-commerce shoppers, and VoIP users. It is accessible in over 35 nations around the world, with over 4500 dealers.