GENERAL E-Commerce

One of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while establishing an internet business is that you need to find a payment gateway which will help you carry out your transactions effectively and efficiently. With Payhighrisk, you get a top notch internet business installment passage.
Payhighrisk acts as an intermediary and ensures smooth functioning of transactions, without any hassle.

How does it work?

Every time an online client clicks “Pay Now”, the payment gateway links the merchant’s bank and the customer’s bank. With the help of security and privacy policies, a complaint is placed at the slightest misinterpretation.
With the help of the primary information received, the vendor’s bank account further requests endorsement from the customer’s issuing bank to complete the transaction. The issuing bank will either approve or disapprove the transaction, in both the cases a letter will be sent to both the parties.

What are the exclusive services provided by payhighrisk?
* Payhighrisk supports Multiple Currencies, Multi Lingual and Recurring Billing for various businesses.
* Payhighrisk supports Micropayment e-Wallet handling for various ventures.
* Payhighrisk supports the accompanying sorts of International Card Brands and Non-Card Payment Channels.