Wallie is a protected option for web installments by means of charge card or approval for all. It is really a prepaid web installment answer for web based diversions, music, video downloads in addition to heaps of virtual groups and can be characterized as money on the web, with no restriction as far as age. There are two sorts of Wallie-cards: pre-printed duplicates which look a great deal like a gift voucher and vouchers which resemble a receipt that is printed at the trade enrolls out the shop. There is a novel code on the two types of the Wallie-card, which you use for your buys on the web.


Ukash is the a trade installment strategy accessible out the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia, South America, North America and most as of late China. It is worked by Smart Voucher Ltd. which is controlled by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an Electronic Money Institution (ELMI). It is the biggest worldwide prepaid trade gathering system out the world, with 320,000 physical issuing focuses in 27 nations around the world.

China Debit Network @ Alipay, China

Built up in 2004 by Alibaba Group, Alipay has collaborated with every single national bank in China and more than 40 standard neighborhood banks, and visa and monetary establishments. It has turned into the most mainstream and broadly utilized online installment device for all territories of internet business in China. With 88.3% online customers consider a site actualized with Alipay benefit more dependable, you would now be able to grow your business focusing to almost 300 million Alipay enrolled client in China itself.

China Population: 1,338,612,968

China Users: 420,000,000


Presented first in Vienna, Austria PaySafeCard is a pre-pay electronic installment framework for web based shopping and has been in presence since 2000. Ordinarily sold as eVouchers (exceptionally numbered receipts from in-store deals terminals), there are more than 280,000 deals terminals overall right now with more than 3,500 webshops tolerating PaySafeCard from over the world.

Moneybookers, United Kingdom

Moneybookers is an electronic cash guarantor approved under UK and EU law. Formally propelled in 2002, it empowers clients to exchange, get and hold finances in 30+ monetary standards worldwide and offers nearby installments in 40+ nations. Like Paypal, it likewise requires personality confirmation before utilizing their support of limit misrepresentation and avert illegal tax avoidance. The administrations gave by Moneybookers is managed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK.

cashU, United Arab Emirates

Propelled in July 2002 and a piece of Jabbar Internet Group, cashU is the center east first paid ahead of time online installment door, giving smaller scale installment answers for dealers. cashU clients will have the capacity to agree to accept a free record that can be financed utilizing an assortment of best up choices. Accessible in more than 35 nations everywhere throughout the world, as of now, there are more than 4,500 dealers utilizing cashU as their installment arrangement, with the vast majority of them had practical experience in e-gaming, FOREX exchanging, online general store and so on.

CashTicket, United Kingdom

Made by Prepaid Services Company Ltd. in London, this prepaid voucher is enables buyers to buy flights, ticket orders and web based shopping without providing individual bank subtle elements. This makes CashTicket to a quick, straightforward and secure installment strategy for web shopping.