Fraud and Risk Management Tools

PayHighRisk’s  has exceptionally far reaching danger and administration devices which works out of sight to enable you to limit misfortunes from misrepresentation and question. These hazard devices are utilized to guarantee cautions are activated when certain value-based examples or occasions happen. Our extraordinary hazard administration apparatuses are the aftereffect of social affair information from outsider suppliers, for example, IP locators and utilizing AI (manmade brainpower) and ruled based calculation we can rapidly signal a potential fake exchange. While you are out offering, our framework and our operations group are securing you against pointless extortion misfortunes. Each extortion exchange PayHighRisk can enable you as a dealer to recognize will without a doubt spare you more cash.

Transaction risk management can be categorized into 2 categories: –

A. Pre-Authorization Fraud Scrubbing

B. Post-Authorization Risk Management

A. Pre-Authorization Fraud Scrubbing

Pre-authorization means that the transaction is being scrubbed for risk and fraud before sending the transaction to the acquiring bank for processing.

I. Card Velocity Limits – Our entryway can be modified to dismiss same card being handled over the most recent 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. You can ask for card speed restrict on your trader account that suits your hazard hunger and plan of action.

ii. Email Velocity Limits – This works an indistinguishable route from card speed restrain however on the cardholder’s email address. Exchanges are consequently dismissed if the limit is ruptured for same email inside the last 24hours, 7 days and 30 days.

iii. Telephone Velocity Limits – The framework tracks same telephone numbers being utilized on each exchange. Exchanges are consequently dismissed if the limit is ruptured for same telephone number inside the last 24hours, 7 days and 30 days.

iv. 3D Secure – Also known as Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code, these conventions guarantees that the cardholder enters a PIN or secret key to validate that the Visa has a place with that individual. 3D Secure trader accounts more declined exchanges for some reasons and shippers are not completely ensured against chargebacks.

v. IP Match against cardholder charging address – This element checks to guarantee that the IP address where the exchange starts from matches the area of the cardholder’s charging address inside an adjustable span in kilometers.

vi. Card BIN does not coordinate charging address – This element checks to guarantee that the charging address coordinates the nation where the Visa has been issued.

vii. Card BIN Issuing Black List – As a vendor, you can determine where you would prefer not to acknowledge exchanges from. We coordinate where the card is being issued versus this boycott and naturally decrease the exchange. This lessens your hazard introduction to certain famous nations where extortion is wild.

viii. Intermediary IP – Our framework identifies the IP address of the cardholder and on the off chance that it recognizes that the cardholder is utilizing an intermediary server IP, our framework will hail the exchange and caution our hazard group and can likewise alarm the dealer.

ix. Email address is high hazard or from a free mail – We check inside against of high hazard email address arrangements and banner the exchange as potential misrepresentation. We likewise increment the hazard score of the exchange if the cardholder email is free sprintf (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and so forth.)

x. Charging address does not coordinate Zip code – Fraudsters utilizes card charging addresses that are not legitimate, our framework is connected to specialist organizations that lets us know whether a charging address is substantial. Be that as it may, this works for just certain nations as it were.

Post-Authorization Risk Management

Post authorization risk management is how iPayDNA tracks and manage transactions after successful authorization from the acquiring banks.

I. Telephone Verification – Upon finish of the approval of the exchange, exchanges with high hazard score can be naturally directed to our call focus to check these exchanges. This will give a voice trail that the cardholder was checked through their telephone number and this voice trail is exceptionally helpful to better speak to the vendor against recovery demands and chargebacks upon any question. Note that extra charges apply, do converse with our business advisor on how you can initiate this administration for your vendor record to diminish extortion and increment your odds to win in any question.

ii. Conveyance Status on Physical Goods – Our portal can connect your exchanges to messenger organizations and get online updates from these dispatch organizations on the conveyance status of physical products sold on the web. Current dispatch organizations connected to our installment portal are USPS and Royalmail. This element is valuable in introducing proof that the merchandise have been delivered to the cardholder in case of debate.

iii. Recovery Ratio Monitoring – Retrievals are ask for from the issuing bank of the cardholder requesting all the more supporting reports on the exchange performed. Recovery ask for can be started by the cardholder or the issuing bank. Shippers need to guarantee their recovery proportion is underneath a specific edge.

iv. Chargeback Ratio Monitoring – Chargebacks are ask for from issuing bank to the obtaining bank to discount the exchange that was performed before. Chargeback are dealt with genuinely by the Card Associations as a sign that the trader is either a misrepresentation or that the vendor is not offering products or administrations that is worthy. Chargebacks are deducted from the dealer’s preparing sum or the standard moving stores. Our Non-Card Payment Channels offers lessened or no chargeback hazard to vendors.

v. Discount Ratio Monitoring – Refunds are made after effectively approved exchanges are settled. Card Associations and getting banks just permit a specific discount proportion for every vendor record to keep away from any doggy business hones.