Fraud and Risk Management Tools

Strong Fraud and Risk Management tools are extremely essential in order to prevent any unethical and fraudulent activities.  Our top notch and advanced tools prioritize safety and security towards both vendors and customers. We offer a user friendly, yet highly secure tools that help simplify the process for vendors and customers. Payhighrisk ensures that the private and confidential information belonging to both the parties stays safe, secured and doesn’t get into the wrong hands at any cost.

The entire Fraud and Risk Management Tool is divided into Two Categories

A. Pre-Authorization Fraud Scrubbing

B. Post-Authorization Risk Management

A. Pre-Authorization Fraud Scrubbing

The Pre Authorization Management tool works towards preventing any frauds and mishaps before the transaction is finalized.

I. Card Limit Restriction  – Card Limit Restriction refers to limiting the number of transactions that can be carried out on a particular card within a given frame of time. The given time can be anywhere between 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.  This would require the restrictive cardholder to put a card speed restriction on their account.

ii. Email Limit Restriction – Every time the person attempts to make a transaction, an email is sent to the cardholders registered email id. If the number of verification emails on the cardholders given email id address exceeds, then the transition is immediately dismissed. The Email limit can be for a period of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

iii. Telephone Management – Every transaction that needs to be carried out is linked directly to the cardholder’s number.  A telephone limit helps in restricting the number of transactions that can be carried out within a given frame of time. The given period can be for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

iv. 3D Security  – 3D security refers to the PIN Code or any other confidential validation that is associated with the Visacard or Mastercard. Since the information is known to the cardholder only, no one else can carry out the transaction. This is one of the best and most convenient fraud preventing tools.

v. Matching IP address and Cardholders – This is one of the most technologically advanced weapons against frauds.  While a person is conducting a transaction, the IP address of the person is tracked that further gives out the location of the person. If the location of the IP address, matches or is at least within the radius of the cardholder’s address, then the transaction can be carried out safely.

vi. Card BIN and address tool – This tool helps check whether the charging address matches the nation where the card has been issued.

vii. Blacklist Tool  – Payhighrisk provides the vendors with the option to choose the areas from where they wish to connect and disconnect. The disconnected areas will be blacklisted, and operation from such areas will be denied. The Blacklisted areas will refer to the areas with high crime rates or areas from which fraud transactions could be carried out.

viii. IP Identification  – Making every second count is our IP Identification Tool. It works by recognizing the IP address of the cardholder and that of the cardholder utilizing an intermediary server IP. If both of which, don’t match, an immediate alarm is sent to the concerned person and the transaction will also get cancelled automatically.

ix. Email address is high hazard or from a free mail – We check inside against of high hazard email address arrangements and banner the exchange as potential misrepresentation. We likewise increment the hazard score of the exchange if the cardholder email is free sprintf (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and so forth.)

x. Charging addresses Tool – In most fraud cases, an illegitimate card charging address is used to carry out the transaction. We are backed with a team that helps us recognize such unauthentic charging card address that helps detect any such fraudulent activities. However, this tool is restricted to certain areas only.

Post Authorization Management

Post Authorization Management tackles transactions that are confirmed after the bank approval.

I. Phone Call Verification – Upon finish of the approval of the exchange, exchanges with high hazard score can be naturally directed to our call focus to check these exchanges. This will give a voice trail that the cardholder was checked through their telephone number and this voice trail is exceptionally helpful to better speak to the vendor against recovery demands and chargebacks upon any question. Note that extra charges apply, do converse with our business advisor on how you can initiate this administration for your vendor record to diminish extortion and increment your odds to win in any question.

ii. Tracking Order  – Once the order has been successfully placed and confirmed. The tracking order is generated, which helps track the order at every step. Currently, we are associated with dispatch organizations like USPS and Royalmail. This also acts as a future record, which proves that the product or service has been received by the customer.

iii. Recovery Management  – The authorized bank of the cardholder or cardholder can request for a recovery.  The shippers need to ensure that the recovery process is carried out in accordance.

iv. Chargeback Management  – Chargeback can sometimes be a matter of menace for the vendors, considering the way they are dealt with by the Card Associations. In which case, the card association will try to present the trader or vendor in the wrong light. The chargebacks are directly deducted from the dealer’s sum. Payhighrisk offers you with a Non- Card payment Channel that offers reduced or no chargeback hazard to the vendors.

v. Discount Ratio Monitoring  – Once the given exchanges are approved and settled, refunds are made. Vendors receive a given discount proportion from the card associations or banks.