Fraud and Risk Management

It is extremely important for a payment gateway to have a safe and secured framework to prevent any fraud or mishaps. Payhighrisk prioritizes the importance of Fraud and Risk Management and therefore provides the vendors as well as customers with Top notch security

Email & Phone Verification Services

Email Receipt

Before proceeding with the payment, a confirmation mail is sent to the customer. The payment will not be finalized, until the registered customer confirms the payment through their registered email id. Once the confirmation is done, the payment is confirmed.

Phone Verification

A Phone Verification is one of the best and secure ways to prevent fraud. Considering what an inseparable part of our lives, our phone is, payhighrisk believes in using this to our advantage. Before the payment procedure is finalized, a confirmation code is sent to the customers, this helps ensure security and safety. Once the customer confirms the code received on their registered mobile number, the payment is confirmed.

What are the advantages of this?

* It helps build customer and vendor relation
* Creates a sense of trust among customers
* Helps high hazard vendors feel secured